Disneyland Paris: Bonjour and Buenos Dias!

I know, I know, I’ve been away waaaaaay too long.  Sorry, life has a habit of getting in the way. But, I finally leave the Unites States and visit the first of the non-American parks on my journey around the world!  In this episode, I reveal how Disneyland Paris was almost located in Spain, how the castle was almost a futuristic sci-fi tower, the secret meaning of the initials “D.M.”, and how NOT to get a free cup of coffee when you only have five minutes to spare.  Plus, random Game of Thrones reference!

Disneyland: From Matterhorn to Mr. Toad

The first of a new series of videos where I dive into some of the history and trivia about the parks and attractions I visited on my trip around the world.

At Disneyland, I explain why the Matterhorn is like a block of Swiss cheese, and how Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride became more unique. Plus, historical appearances by the king of Belgium and the empress of Iran.